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Lots of questions... and no answers.

I met a girl, Kobato-chan, some days ago and now she lives with us at the shop. She's really kind and... innocent. And she always smiles. She reminds me of Himawari-chan, somehow...

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I'm NEVER going out on a rainy day like that again. NEVER, EVER.
Stupid Yuuko-san! I was literally risking my life out there and what was she worried about? HER DINNER!
Thank Goddess, I'm alright.

It's strange, though. I feel good, while other people have headaches and such...


A new friend!

Yesterday I met this girl, Rikku-chan. She was playing near one of the fountains with some other girls, while I was staring at them because they reminded me of Himawari-chan. Then she fell into the fountain. And I found myself soaked, too. She apologized, but I wasn't upset at all.

We walked together to Yuuko-san's shop, but she didn't enter. I don't want anyone to end up like me.

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Anyway, she was really friendly. She promised me to introduce some of her friends to me. Seems like something is finally going in the right way. =D
So... hello, minna-san. ^^; I'm Watanuki Kimihiro, but everyone calls me Watanuki. I come from... well... how do I put this... a place very far away from here. Let's just say... another dimension. ^^' Anyway... I'm going to high school and I'd like to meet you all!

Why am I here? Of course, because that wicked witch called Yuuko-san always has to take me everywhere she goes, even if it's another dimension. "We're here for business, but we could also have some fun!" she said. Well, I don't see the 'fun' part in this! It's just crazy! D: *sighs* I miss Tokyo already... Oh, dear Himawari-chan... I'll come back... one day... I hope...

Why does everything always happen to me?